Posts from March 2013

On 5 March HootSuite HR led the charge on #HootHire, an open-house recruitment event. I met many bright devs and designers interested in working for HootSuite. A number of candidates were either still in school or beginning their career so we chatted about “where to start?” I asked the team to share their thoughts and collected them here for posterity (in the order I received them).

Gary Morrison – iOS Developer @kamiro gh: kamiro

  1. Go to a meet up and listen and talk to other developers
  2. Think about something you’ve programmed (1 file/class) that someone may find interesting and put your solution up on github.
  3. Read an algorithms book, languages are quick to learn, concepts take work.
  4. In a technical interview on optimization, the answer is almost always a hashmap, if it isn’t, hopefully you followed #3
  5. Everyone works with one system, try doing something that required two or more to talk to each other and you’re a step above the competition.

David Chan – Developer @chandavid gh: davidchan

Start your own project. Find something you like and start coding. Small, quick projects.

jQuery isn’t enough. Too many people believe that JavaScript is all jQuery.

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We have been using statsd and Graphite at HootSuite to get visibility into the frequency of events within our technology stack for over a year now. And to great effect.

In real time we are able to see the health of the HootSuite dashboard, supporting services, the myriad APIs our product uses and get to better understand things like our payments systems. Visibility has reduced downtime, made us more responsive to performance problems and generally forced us to confront more technical debt than we otherwise might have. Read More …