Posts from August 2014

For my 8-month co-op term at Hootsuite, I have been working on the Streaming team. The Streaming infrastructure allows services to receive real-time updates for a large user set. Streaming is responsible for delivering push notifications, analytics, and interaction history to subscribed Hootsuite users. One example is receiving a push notification on your mobile device for a Twitter retweet or mention from the Hootsuite application. Streaming is a distributed system and every complex distributed application needs a coordination and orchestration system of some sort, so the team decided to integrate ZooKeeper into the Streaming infrastructure back in 2011. ZooKeeper is a software project of the Apache Software Foundation, providing an open source distributed configuration service, synchronization service, leader election, and naming registry for large distributed systems.

One of my projects during my co-op term included fixing the previous implementation of ZooKeeper, as there were a number of things that were not properly working. Originally, ZooKeeper was embedded within the Streaming application, and there were a number of issues with this implementation.

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In 8 months, I’ll be graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Physics and Computer Science. I’ll be looking for jobs shortly thereafter, armed with a résumé to convince future employers that I am an amazing iOS developer. Hootsuite will be at the top of my ‘Work Experience’ section, along with a list of the various technologies I used and the tasks I was assigned. It’ll probably look something like this:

Hootsuite – iOS Developer Co-op
January – August 2014

Worked with Xcode 5 and 6, Objective-C, Swift, and iOS 6, 7, and 8. Contributed to new features and bug fixes for the Hootsuite app, and helped it become featured in the iOS App Store. Gave presentations, collaborated with teammates, and wrote automated tests using KIF. Used Facebook, Twitter, and Google APIs, communication patterns such as KVO, delegation, and notification, and Interface Builder with auto-layout.

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Do you hate coming to the office, firing up your favourite text editor, getting ready to do some work, and .. you forgot to start your Vagrant machine? Now you have to open up the terminal, type vagrant up, wait 90+ seconds for the beast to load and .. it doesn’t work because you forgot to connect to the VPN and Puppet cannot correctly provision the box without it. So, you do that too.

Now that everything is setup – you code the entire day, pack your things, arrive home, start browsing threads on Hacker News and… the low battery warning comes up because you forgot to close Vagrant.

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We’ve really enjoyed reading up the posts from Mark Otto, Ian Feather, Chris Coyer and others about CSS on the projects they work on. I’ve personally learned a lot from those individuals and picked up some more tricks in those posts about how CSS works on large projects.

This is a little bit about how CSS works at Hootsuite and process we have found work best for us at this point in time. Read More …