Posts from November 2014

Something that has been in our sights for a while is Distributed Configuration. This is a puzzle piece we’re currently missing, and one that will help guide and support many of the tasks that we’re going to face in the next couple years. In this post we’ll recount our experience with implementing Consul to fill that need.


The Problem

We’re improving our build and deploy pipeline, but don’t yet have a way to handle dynamic configuration of services. This part of the system will see some heavy work in the next year, and Distributed Config will influence a lot of the design of that system.

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This May I found myself on a newly formed Engineering team: CoreUX, a group focused on defining and maintaining the experience of Hootsuite’s users and the front-end tools we use. Our team started out as 12 people working on multiple projects, and we’ve nearly doubled in size since. The team is a mix of old and new employees – some of us hardly knew each other. We needed to find a way to bond quickly and stay connected as a team.

CoreUX demos in action

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After two days of non-stop work, Hootsuite Engineers Anubhav Mishra and Luke Kysow won the Vancouver DevFest Hackathon in Vancouver, BC. Luke shares his experiences below (originally posted on Medium):

From Saturday morning, November 8th through to Sunday night, Anubhav Mishra and I worked to build LeapSnap at the DevFest Hackathon in Vancouver. The idea for LeapSnap came from a Sci-Fi short I watched where everyone had chips implanted that would store their memories via video. Whenever they wanted to share their memories with friends, they would “cast” them onto any screen within view. While sitting at the dinner table, they could then wirelessly control the TV, cycle through to the memory they wanted to share, and then play it. Read More …