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Are you tapping into the power of your people?

Let’s say your company starts each year with a kickoff to bring people together, review past performance, and communicate new direction and priorities. A great deal of important information will be shared by those at the top, but how do you keep every attendee engaged and participating? With your entire team in one place at the same time, you’ve got a rare opportunity for everyone to share their innovation, ideas, and challenges. How do you set up that kind of cross-pollination so everyone can learn about one another and from one another?

On Monday January 26th, Hootsuite had its first internal unconference for about 150 people from across all our technical groups: Product, Engineering, Design, IT, Operations, Security, New Product Growth, and Labs (R&D).

My take away from that afternoon?

Look to the people building your company to surface ideas and subject matter expertise – their depth of knowledge and passion about what they do and love can be truly inspiring.

What is an Unconference?

It is an exhilarating whirlwind of spontaneity in which participants pitch, select, organize, and deliver sessions all in the same day. A lack of a planned conference agenda keeps audience anticipation high – and organizers a little uncomfortable – right up until the moment it gets published.

Steve and Josh tetris an agenda

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Material designed apps are all the rage these days. Gone are the days of Gingerbread design, and if your app is Holo, you’re already behind. Everyone (including your project manager) will want a shiny new Material App – but what about the people still using older Android devices? You can’t leave them behind, so that’s where the Material Support Library comes in.


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