Posts from April 2015


With technology changing almost by the minute, how do you ensure your team stays current – while still writing code and meeting deadlines?

Hootsuite does many things to keep their engineering team up to date with the newest technologies. In my time here so far, one thing in particular has stood out: Guilds.

It’s clear that Guilds contribute many positives to a company, but for iOS developers it was even more crucial: in 2014, Apple released a new programming language for native iOS applications called Swift. iOS developers have been programming in Objective-C for years (we love our square brackets and infinite method declarations), so learning a whole new language seemed like a daunting task. How do you make time in your day-to-day life as an engineer to master a completely new language? This is where Guilds come in — they’re the perfect way to come together to learn as a team.


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Sensu reports problems with your main page of your site, your Graphite graphs confirm that page execution time is off the charts, Pagerduty is blowing up your phone, and your Elasticsearch cluster is drowning in error logs…

Outages are a deluge of ALL CAPS emails, PagerDuty alerts, and text messages from our various monitoring tools. That’s good! A relief, too – I want to know when things are going sideways. That said, all these disparate systems each compete for my attention by shouting at me, and sometimes I find myself wishing for a ‘system’ that collects the noise and spits out just the facts – specifically, useful insight into our application issues.

Researching and implementing this ‘system’ has been the focus of my co-op term in Operations Engineering.


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Asynchronous file uploading on the web and especially the mobile web used to be a struggle. Three reasons come to mind:

  • AJAX’s inability to send file data meant Flash and hidden frames became the go-to solutions
  • Mobile browser support for Flash ranged from non-existent to extremely limited
  • Many mobile operating systems — including older versions of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry — lacked support in their browsers for the HTML input



Thankfully, the task of asynchronous file uploading on web and mobile web has been greatly simplified recently. In this post I share some considerations and details that went into the cross-platform, photo uploading app on our mobile web app.


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