Posts from January 2016

At Hootsuite, we have begun to move some of our new services into Docker containers. Among the many benefits of application containerization, the ones that stand out the most are security, high availability, and non-conflicting server configurations for different applications.

During my co-op term at Hootsuite, I worked under Mark Eijsermans and Mark Allen on the Build and Deploy team helping configure the infrastructure for the deployment of containerized applications. Marathon was the framework chosen to schedule containers to a provisioned Mesos cluster. The implementation of a scheduler system is important because it allows developers to quickly get an application up and running in a consistent environment. Furthermore, it allows for efficient resource use and the ability to quickly scale services up and down as needed (allowing for significant cost savings). Marathon provides many benefits such as ease of use and an extensive REST API. Furthermore, it is currently in use at companies such as AirBnB and Shopify (among others), so it has been production tested.

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What is a code review, you ask? Well, let me tell you! But first, let me give you a little bit of insight into who I am so that you can understand why I find code reviews invaluable.


At the beginning of September, I began my very first (sort of) work term as a co-op software developer here at Hootsuite. I say, “sort of” because I actually have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and have work experience in that field. As you can imagine, synthesizing chemicals and developing software are worlds apart, so my prior experiences did not directly help me become a better programmer.

A typical day in the life of a chemist.

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A Short and Sweet History of Translation at Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been a global company since 2012. As soon as we became global, localizing our products to offer more than English became a priority. We needed our dashboard to support many languages at once, efficiently. How do we keep the Hootsuite dashboard useful and personalized for all of our users across the world? Hootsuite has offices all over the world, from Bucharest to Vancouver, but our users’ global presence far exceeds our office representation. Hootsuite users come from every corner of the globe and speak dozens of different languages. It’s difficult to keep up with translation our constantly-evolving product. Currently, our dashboard is available in over 15 languages, with another 15 on the way! That’s a lot of languages for our developers to manage.

When we first realized that our products needed translating yesterday, there were some ill-fated false starts. One particularly unfortunate event involved a developer translating our iOS app into German, using Google translate. While the intent was genuine, our German customers let us know (strongly) that Google Translate is not yet advanced enough to be a substitute for human translation. After those first attempts to self-solve the problem, we did what Hootsuite does best: we built a better way.

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