A module is a way of dividing or grouping your code into files or sections. Modules are ideally self contained and decoupled, so that changes can be made in a single module without having to rewrite other modules.

Why Use Modules?

Modules have a number of benefits including namespacing, better maintainability, and reusability.

Without modules, it’s very easy to get namespace pollution because all variables outside of top level functions are global and accessible everywhere in the code, even if it’s unrelated. Modules allow namespacing, which creates private variables to reduce or eliminate this pollution.

Modules also allow for decoupling of unrelated code. This means that changes in one file should not require changes to be made in other files, resulting in more maintainable code.

Modules allow you to import and export a single module, so that it can be reused as many times as you would like without duplicating the code. This is great because it means that any required changes will only be needed in one spot, instead of all the potential duplicated places.

Image courtesy of Librato
Image courtesy of Librato

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