Last evening at Vancouver’s PHP meetup group I did a presentation on the topic of parallel processing with PHP. I received some good feedback on the talk so I’d like to share it with those of you who couldn’t attend the meetup.

First of all quite a few people asked me what tools did Saem and I use to make up those cool slides. We used the open sourced reveal.js to make HTML5 based slides, and hosted the slides by node.js, and if you want to control the slides remotely with your smartphone, then is the node.js plugin you will need. Read More …

At HootSuite we are always on the lookout for technologies that will make our product better.

Recently we started exploring ZeroMQ (aka. ØMQ, 0MQ, ZMQ). In this post, I will describe why ZeroMQ fits right into our technology stack.

ZeroMQ is often bundled into a class of products with RabbitMQ and others that use Asynchronous Message Queuing Protocols (AMQP). After all, ZeroMQ has MQ in its name and both ZeroMQ and the original AMQP were created by Pieter Hintjens. Be that as it may, grouping ZeroMQ with other AMQP products is not quite the right model for some key reasons.

In particular, the fact that ZeroMQ is a socket library, and not a packaged solution like RabbitMQ affords it an order of magnitude more flexibility and versatility than other AMQP solutions.

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