Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” It is based upon this philosophy of embracing collaboration from start-to-finish that my team, as well as numerous others at Hootsuite, have adapted an additional role in our Agile methodology.

To provide some background for those unfamiliar with Agile, an Epic is a large unit of work which, when completed, will provide a lot of value to the customer. Epics are then broken down into stories and tickets/tasks which developers will commit to and complete.

Every developer is encouraged to work on whichever task is highest in priority allowing work to be fluid and ensure each developer is well-rounded. However, each sprint, there can be numerous Epics being worked on, as well as numerous more being planned in the backlog, which often makes it difficult for product owners to maintain an accurate idea of the current progress of each based on small, fragmented updates from each developer at scrum. Further, the process of conceiving a new feature often gets muddled as it is passed around between design and growth and management before finally arriving at the engineers. The solution to all these problems and more? The Epic Champion. Read More …