Scala at Hootsuite


Some of our Scala engineers have a Java/PHP background, while others have a background in Haskell. After writing Scala for a few years, we feel that we have (more or less) figured out a happy medium of how we should be writing Scala with a functional style we can all agree on.

This blog post will show code examples we’ve come across while refactoring as part of our code review / pair programming sessions. While this is production-level code, but I have simplified it to demonstrate the changes.

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If you are a Vim user and are using a shell outside Vim such as bash or zsh, you’ve been wasting your time(*1). Install VimShell and use it for everything. It works particularly well on your local computer.

There are three steps to using VimShell effectively. At first you will feel that VimShell isn’t as handy as shells outside Vim, but later you will not be able to remember the era without VimShell. Read More …