Adela Istrate

Adela Istrate


My Contributions

  • Improved Analytics UI development by integrating visual regression tests
  • Upgraded Mugshot testing tool.
    • Made it independent of the webdriver and the package that detects differences;
    • Published Mugshot’s adapters for: WebDriverIO (mugshot-webdriverio) and LooksSame (mugshot-looks-same);
    • Made it hand out relative paths so it will be independent of the environment where the tests are run
  • Upgraded Mocha-Mugshot-Reporter.
    • Updated to the latest version of Mugshot
    • Transitioned it to be a dedicated reporter for visual testing
    • Extended it’s React components with a diff tool that reports differences in a GitHub style
    • Put React-Bootstrap over it and build an interactive user interface
    • Implemented a filter over passed/failed tests
    • Wrote unit tests for each component using Sinon and Sinon-Chai
  • Upgraded Chai-Mugshot plugin to give a more user-friendly error message
  • Integrated the packages mentioned above in the product.
    • Wrote a script that automatically detects all the components and generates mocha tests which use Mugshot
    • Configured Docker to run the visual tests
    • Stored baselines in Git LFS so the repo doesn’t get overloaded by history
  • Being proud of the final result
  • Wrote a blog post on Step-by-Step VRT with Mugshot

My Experience

I applied for this job because Hootsuite has the resources to enhance the skills of any intern.

Talented engineers provided excellent guidance with challenging tasks that improved my knowledge. Everyone jumped in to help when I asked and they granted me access to any piece of code I needed.

The non-corporate offices, team-building events and meetups made up a cozy environment to work in. And let’s not forget about the Bucharest office tradition: Friday pancakes.

Goodbye Hootsuite! Every adventure requires a first step and I’m thrilled you were my first step in becoming an engineer.