Alexandra Stuckless


  • Studying Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia (2017)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (September-December 2015)
  • Joined our Data Lab team
  • Worked with Kinesis, Spark, Redshift


My Contributions

Helped team migrate part of data pipeline from Logstash to Kinesis, including data QA and writing Kinesis logging in dashboard

Wrote ETL in advance of new Analytics release so that Bucharest team could receive up to date information on how their release was doing

Worked on various projects to maintain and improve our data infrastructure using the wide variety of technologies our Data Lab uses

Wrote a blog post on Making the Migration from Logstash to Kinesis.

My Experience

I decided to choose a co-op position at Hootsuite after hearing how one of friends who was doing a co-op there at the time talked so enthusiastically about his experience. When I learned that I would be a part of Data Labs I was both excited and very nervous. Working with ‘big data’ sounded super interesting and I was hyped to work in an area of software development I hadn’t previously considered. That hype lasted until about a week before my term started, when I got an email about the technologies my team uses and I realized that, of the dozen different products listed, I knew one. I freaked.

That is until I actually started and met my amazing teammates. Every one of them so encouraging and helpful, and from my very first day they were willing to lend a hand when I needed it. No kid gloves were used, either – I was given real tickets and ramped up to making meaningful contributions to the team and our projects rapidly. I think that the type of environment created by Data Labs and Hootsuite in general is ideal for a co-op term. It’s a super friendly workplace, but also one that prioritizes great work and caring about the code you write. I know that choosing Hootsuite for this co-op term was absolutely the right choice for me.