Alexandru-Adrian Achiritoaei

  • Studying at University of Politehnica Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science (2018)
  • Spent 3 months at Hootsuite (July – October 2017)
  • Joined both our Insights and Analytics teams in Bucharest
  • Worked with Go, Kubernetes, Python, Consul, Nagios, Docker
  • Worked with Mihai Tiriplica, Radu Vasiliu, Paul Sapunaru, Bogdan Ciobanu, Oana Stroie and Monica Baluna
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My Contributions

  • Implemented a health check system for gRPC services running in Kubernetes
  • Developed automatic generation and dynamic configuration of alerts for services in both Analytics and Insights
  • Designed and implemented a mechanism for easily plotting in Graphite the calls to MongoDB from our Go codebase
My Experience

During my third year, I heard some colleagues talk about Hootsuite and how amazing they are. After applying for a co-op backend position, I got a homework and an interview. The result? Here I am, writing this, after a summer full of great experiences as a backend intern in the Measure team, Bucharest.

From the very first day, you could tell that the atmosphere and people working there were unlike anywhere else. The entire team was very friendly and extremely helpful. Whenever I would get stuck on something, they were willing to talk to you and give you their support in order the overcome any problem.

During the internship, I was able to amass a great amount of knowledge, not only about being a software engineer, but also what it is like to work in a team in which everyone helps each other, in order to achieve a common goal. At the end of the summer, it feels that I have greatly improved both my technical and non-technical skills, in such a short time that it is extremely hard for myself to believe that the end has already come.

I would highly recommend Hootsuite for their people and its active working environment, which offered me a great experience this summer.