Ali Honarmand

      • Studying Bachelor of Computer Science at UBC (2018)
      • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (Jan-Aug of 2017)
      • Joined our datalab team
      • Worked with Python, scikit-learn, Scala, Mockito, Akka, Docker
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My contributions

  • Helped build a text cleaning library
  • Helped create NLP models
  • Created data pipelines to integrated user interaction data from two of Hootsuite’s recent acquisitions into our data warehouse
  • Published a blog post about infrastructure architecture at Data Lab

My experience

I had an amazing experience doing two coop terms at Hootsuite over the past 8 months. This experience has helped me grow as a software engineer, and learn about engineering practices, culture and leadership style that can take a startup to a world class company.

As a coop, I got to work on the same projects as everyone else on the team. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to navigate a large code base, and write critical code that will be run millions of times a day. I also got to learn about and use the newest technologies in the industry. Technologies that are not taught in school, but are completely revolutionizing the way that we build and deliver software. Another great thing about Hootsuite is that most coops get to experience multiple technologies and roles. I had the opportunity to work on machine learning projects as well as data engineering projects.

Everyone working at Hootsuite is very talented, passionate about their work, and yet very down to earth. They are very welcoming and always willing to help you out when you are stuck. The company has a culture of “working out loud.” You can find experienced developers organizing classes on a language they are familiar with for the fellow developers. The company also actively shares its knowledge and experiences with the wider tech community in Vancouver through its code blog and the meetups that it hosts at its headquarters.

Hootsuite is a place that is constantly striving to become better. It is not afraid of trying new technologies and taking risks. This makes for a dynamic workplace where you are always excited to go to work and learn something new or work on a new exciting project. The company values everyone’s ideas. It actively fosters this environment by organizing two 2-day hackathons every year when you can work on any project that you want. The best part is that a lot of these ideas and projects are adopted and end up in the actual Hootsuite product a few months down the road.

Hootsuite has great work-life balance. You can join the fitness classes that run during lunch and after work, or play ping pong and foosball in the kitchen. There are also weekly Social Fridays, Random Coffees, team events, Hootcamp (a two-day camping trip in summer), and Christmas party. Last but not least, there is a great, tightly-knit coop community. Hootsuite is a great place to get to know amazing people and make new friends!