Alice Fredine


My Contributions

  • Contributed to migration to new translation system for Hootsuite products
  • Published a blog post on translation at Hootsuite
  • Created an internal, online training course on translation to train owls on our new system
  • Part of planning and developing new Customer Support for our Support team, including helping integrate ElasticSearch
  • Hootsuite Hackathon: Worked on an web app in Go to match mentors with mentees

My Experience

Before I applied, I really wanted to work at Hootsuite. I’d only ever heard excellent things about the company culture, and that was first and foremost what I was looking for in a Co-Op term. On my first day, I knew I was right about the people and the culture. My team was immediately welcoming and friendly, and never treated me with kid gloves because I was a Co-Op. I was given real projects to work on, and could quickly see the difference they were making for our customers and our owls.

One of the best parts about working at Hootsuite is that it’s very blame-free. Whenever I’ve made mistakes, I’ve never felt like I was at fault. It was always treated as a learning experience to see what we could improve in the future. That level of trust and consideration has been my favourite part of working here. Everyone cares about the work we do, and everyone cares about the people doing it. It didn’t feel like living in an intern bubble, it always felt like being part of an awesome, dynamic company. Particularly in my second semester, I got to take on huge chunks of work, and have a tangible impact on our project. Doing a Co-Op at Hootsuite felt like a real trial of working as a software developer, and definitely prepared me for graduating and doing scary life stuff.

I learned a lot working at Hootsuite. About halfway through my 8 months here, my team switched to a new project. It was still full-stack web development, so I felt able to contribute, but it was new languages and frameworks, so I was constantly learning something new. My team took on big projects, with new challenges, and I got to be part of the problem-solving, and research and pitch ideas and technologies I might never have known about.