Amy Khosa


  • Earning BSc in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2017)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (May – September 2016)
  • Joined our Dashboard team
  • Worked with Javascript, PHP, CSS, React, and Flux
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Her Key Contributions

  • Helped create and launch the stream onboarding flows that allows new users to create streams to engage and expand their audiences
  • Expanded the user base for the create free account sign up flow by launching it to all supported languages
  • Increased reliability for making changes to stream onboarding flows by writing integration tests
  • Wrote a blog post on Javascript Modules
  • Petted all the dogs

In Her Words

At Hootsuite, I joined the dashboard team and helped create and launch the new stream builder flows. Throughout the process I was constantly challenged, and gained knowledge and experience in new areas. I was able to work on the same projects as the team (not side projects for coops), and saw my code deployed to production and used by customers. Hootsuite’s culture is inviting and encourages you to learn and contribute. There is always help available if needed, making Hootsuite one of my best work terms.


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