Andrei Iustin Vaduva

My Contributions

  • Developed a real time search API, so that users can create custom queries for searching on a site stream and receive the matching tweets and analytics around the search results.
  • Developed a platform that generates social media activity, helping the QA team to create a more reliable and diverse testing environment with which to populate all analytics widgets.
  • Wrote a blog post on ELK Stack 101.

My Experience

What did I find at Hootsuite? A bunch of technology passionate people who build together awesome things. I was treated like a full-time engineer having to solve real problems. Getting code reviewed each time I was developing something and writing unit tests for my code taught me how to write ‘clean code’ and this is the most important thing that I could learn at the starting point of my career.

I’d like to have a future opportunity to work again alongside these awesome people. Working at Hootsuite was a great experience that helped me grow a lot as a software engineer.