Andres Rama


  • Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2018)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite  (September 2015 – April 2016)
  • Joined our Platform and Build & Deploy teams
  • Worked with Scala, Play, PHP
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My Contributions

  • Implemented internal REST API endpoints that help unify our interactions with social media websites
  • Created an internal Scala SDK for one of our microservices
  • Helped improve our Github Enterprise pages by using the Github API to update our pull requests with the build status
  • Wrote integration and unit tests to ensure code quality
  • Wrote blog posts on an Open Source Scala Circuit Breaker and How to write a Jenkins Plugin.

My Experience

I had already heard great things about Hootsuite’s culture, but even then I was not expecting it to be this fun. I started with basically no Scala knowledge and since that was going to be my primary tool, that’s what I expected to be taught. Instead, Hootsuite’s onboarding taught me about everything from PHP to Scala to debugging Javascript. On the first day I deployed to production, and within the first week I was deploying actual Scala code. That’s not what made it fun, though – what made my time at Hootsuite fun was the people.

The team I was part of at Hootsuite immediately treated me as an equal and got me working on the same thing they were, and letting me choose which tasks I would attempt, as well as inviting me to all the team events and answering my never ending flow of questions (including a lot of really silly ones) without ever brushing them off or making me feel bad in any way for not knowing. To make it all even better, the team I was in wasn’t the only group of people I interacted with: Hootsuite has many coops and we’re constantly talking to each other about what we we’re doing as well as participating in events outside of Hootsuite as a group.

So far my time at Hootsuite has been great, and I look forward to 4 more months with them.