Andy Han


About Me

  • Studying Management Engineering at University of Waterloo (Class of 2018)
  • Worked for 4 months in the Operations Development Team at Hootsuite (January – April 2017)
  • Worked with Ansible, Terraform, Python, Unix/Linux, AWS Lambda, AWS Simple System Manager, Dynamodb
  • Worked with Tyler Mauthe, Ronald Bow, James Ishee, and Nick Hollingsworth

My Contributions

  • PoC of gathering EC2 instances inventory info using AWS Simple System Manager and Lambda
  • Worked with AWS solution engineers to create a billing dashboard in Cloudwatch for the Ops team
  • Ansiblized and Terraformed Knowledge Repo, an open-sourced knowledge sharing application from Airbnb
  • Wrote a blog about CVE and Inventory Management with Amazon Lambda and SSM

My Experience

Working at Hootsuite has been an amazing journey for me and it is one of the best work experience I have ever had. I can really feel how much Hootsuite cares about the Co-op students since the first day of work.  I went through series of awesome onboarding courses/events that truly exposed me to the culture and various technologies we have at Hootsuite.

Throughout the 4 months working at Hootsuite, I really appreciate the trust that Hootsuite has put onto the Co-op students by treating us like full-time employees. I was able to pair up with a lot of talented engineers to complete challenging tasks that have brought values to both the company and my personal growth. I used Ansible and Terraform to create standardized infrastructure for various applications, and also worked on a project of collecting system inventory with AWS Lambda, AWS SSM, and Dynamodb. All of these experience allowed me to gain a deep understanding of infrastructure design and management.

In a word, I would definitely recommend Hootsuite to anyone who is interested in cutting edge IT technologies, and enjoying working in an open and friendly environment 😉 .