Anushervon Saidmuradov

Anushervon Saidmuradov


My Contributions

  • Fixed a wide arrange of user facing front-end issues relating to PDF report generation, App Developer accounts, Optimizely experiments, and Social Network Streams
  • Gave a lightning talk about his home country, Tajikistan
  • Organized co-ops/interns social group

My Experience

As a software engineering student at uWaterloo, I had the opportunity to do five other co-op placements prior to working at Hootsuite. I believe this gave me a diverse base of experience which allowed me to better understand the important things to take away from a co-op placement.

Hootsuite offered many of the fun things a typical co-op student would hope to see in a prospective company: juice twice a week, beer on Fridays, a gym, a yoga room, a nap room, and my personal favourite, the music room. But a lot of my previous placements offered many of these things as well.

What really stood out to me was the processes and engineering culture set in place encourages the output of high quality work, with a high degree of freedom without being bureaucratic.

Prior to Hootsuite, I used to have one-on-one meetings with my manager once, halfway throughout the term. This was to evaluate my progress, or see if I am facing any difficulties. At Hootsuite, I have these meetings on a weekly basis, and they really help to keep the work flowing at a good pace and to remove any obstacles very early on.

There were also other practices that maintained a high standard of engineering, like pre-reviews, pre-commit hooks, and dark launching that I have not experienced in my other co-op terms.

But the most important thing Hootsuite does, is that as a company it constantly re-evaluates its practices, constantly gathers feedback from its employees, and always iterates on these suggestions to only go in one direction: upwards.

I am very fortunate to have worked here, and I would be very happy to come back and work here full time.