Bogdan-Gabriel Ciobanu

Bogdan-Gabriel Ciobanu


My Contributions

  • Open-sourced MongoPool, a python package that helps managing the connections to Mongo clusters
  • “The biggest satisfaction I had so far was making my first contributions to UberVU‚Äôs integration into Hootsuite”

My Experience

I had the opportunity to meet some people from UberVU via Hootsuite during an open source initiation course, where they mentored a few students. What caught my attention and made me want to work with them was their energy and their passion. My intuition didn’t betray me and it proved to be a great experience.

One year later, I wanted more so I returned as a co-op. This time, I met even more extraordinary people: not once did I find myself having a problem with no one around to help me. I gained a lot of new knowledge and experience from some very intelligent and knowledgeable people, and the long board game evenings made me feel at home and wanting to keep working part time while continuing my studies.

During the summer, I improved my coding skills, learned a lot of new technologies, and experienced working in a team – all things one cannot learn from books, but from working with great people. Processing huge amounts of data and providing analytics to so many users are challenges keep me engaged, learning interesting things, and enjoying my time here.