Bogdan Stefan

Bogdan Stefan

My Contributions

  • Upgraded Cosmos with some cool UI features such as resizable editor and filtering fixtures
  • Updated Redux-based components and made them previewable in Cosmos
  • Integrated Cosmos into Analytics code so that all Hootsuite developers can use them used by all Hootsuite developers
  • Wrote a blog post on making it easier to design React components with Cosmos

My Experience

After I heard some students at my university boast about Hootsuite life, I was more than excited to start my co-op experience. Turns out they were right. From day one, everyone was treating me as their co-worker. I had been assigned a mentor, which helped me a lot, but I could also ask for help anywhere around, as people here are very open and willing to talk to you.

Outside of working hours, I made new friends which are fun to be with and could ignite an interesting conversation anytime.

At the end of the summer, I felt I learned more than I could possibly imagine in three months. I’m sure the technical and non-technical knowledge gained here will be crucial in my developer career.

I would recommend Hootsuite to anyone who wants to work in an awesome environment and learn new things from experienced people every day.