Colby Song

  •        Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia
  •        Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (May – August 2017)
  •        Hootsuite Engagement Team
  •        Languages I worked with: Go, SQL,  Javascript, and PHP
  •        Technologies I worked with: React, JQuery, Protobuf, Kubernetes, Vault
  •        Connect with me on LinkedIn or GitHub

Main Contributions

  • Worked on new feature “Interaction History” from scratch – implemented as two microservices using Golang, consumes ~1million events per day
  • Implemented consumptions of Facebook and Twitter Topics from Eventbus in Interaction History Consumer Service
  • Implemented API pagination and search queries in Interaction History Service
  • Wrote one time scripts for backfilling and adding Interaction History to Entitlements Service
  • Worked on Interaction History UI

My Experience

I absolutely loved my time here at Hootsuite. I came at the perfect time where our team was just starting on a new feature and I got to participate and see the process of designing a microservice from the very beginning. Things were a bit overwhelming at first as the whole technology stack was new to me, but the support I received from my team was amazing. Everyone here is extremely knowledgable and willing to help.

What really surprised me the most is the amount of trust Hootsuite has for their co-ops. All of us were consistent deploying to production and working on important tasks. You often hear of co-ops at other companies that get “co-op” projects. But here at Hootsuite, you are fully integrated into your teams and working as a team to achieve sprint goals together. You never have to worry about being stuck on a task because your team will always be there for you. 

I have learned so much from this co-op and met so many incredible and talented people. Big thanks to everyone who I have interacted with and especially my team TacoBell!