Connie Ho


  • Studying Combined Major in Computer Science and Microbiology & Immunology at UBC
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite for Summer and Fall 2017
  • Joined the Build Test Deploy team and worked with Go, React, Javascript, Shell, Python, Groovy and Jenkins
  • Worked with Shane, Jessie, Simone, and Tom #pod-optimize-prime
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My contributions

  • Helped improve Arbiter – Hootsuite’s in-house test management system, to display metrics such as Failure Rate, Average Duration and Last Run Time and support additional test types
  • Epic Champion for the Janus Project: An automated survey distributed via slack to all developers who deploy code on the Hootsuite Dashboard to collect Developer Satisfaction Metrics
  • Built the Hootbot Content Manager: a web app to manage educational content delivered by the Hootsuite Facebook Messenger Chatbot a.k.a. Hootbot at HootHack 2017
  • Helped create Pickled-Ginger, an internal service that mocks 3-legged OAuth authentication used to test the Hootsuite External API Gateway
  • Took part in a major migration, moving the main Dashboard pipeline and all Composer & NPM Packages off legacy infrastructure
  • Wrote a blog post about setting up a build pipeline using Jenkinsfiles and the strengths and weaknesses of this approach
  • Developed Oscar-worthy award presenting skills from presenting the weekly Unit Test award to developers who write the most tests

My experience

Time seems to pass by 10 times as fast as it usually does at Hootsuite. From the first few days, Co-ops at Hootsuite push code to production and are immediately integrated into their teams like full-time developers. Two months into my term, I had the opportunity to plan an entire epic, from writing up the sprint tickets to preparing the team for the Final Demo to the entire Development team. In addition to contributing to the team’s regular sprint work, there were tons of opportunities to interact with people outside of my own team including Social Fridays, #Hootcamp, #HootHoliday, fitness classes and more!

What impressed me the most from Hootsuite is the learning community. If I ever needed help or just some advice from another developer on my own team or another team, they were always available and happy to help. In my first week, I was told that if I ever found something that could be improved, I could go ahead and make it better. No matter the outcome of our hacks/ideas, we always celebrate each other’s successes and efforts through weekly demos/discussions. This type of collaborative spirit and eagerness to learn from each other is what I will remember most from this experience.

There was so much more to Hootsuite than just an internship, it was an opportunity to write real code alongside other developers, learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry and make a difference on a product that is used by millions of people around the globe everyday. The cherry on top of all that was playing with the adorable #Hootdogs. If this sounds like fun, then Hootsuite is for you!