Daniel Choi

  • Studying Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2018)
  • Summer co-op, software development (May – Aug 2017)
  • Enterprise Collaboration team – built features for enterprise clients
  • Languages: Scala, JavaScript; Technologies: React, Jenkins CI, Selenium, Interana, Sumologic
  • Worked with Sam Reh, Steve Song, Hai Hoang, Mike White, David Andrews, Paola Louzada, Tamasin Reno
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn and GitHub

My Contributions

  • Build and release a high-exposure navigation menu that receives >50k clicks per day
  • Improve Sumologic logs by reducing volume (~25,000/min to <100/min) and improve log content quality
  • Start making our application more accessible by keyboard and voiceover #BuildABetterWay
  • Create new custom posting and approval permissions that impact all Hootsuite users, and were critical to closing a new enterprise client deal
  • Drop into old code repos with very hard-to-read code to implement new features #GritInAllWeDo
  • Always tried to leave code looking better than it used to be #CampsiteRule
  • Pet a lot of puppies #HootDogs
  • Named all sprints after desserts and started a bi-weekly team tradition

My Experience

My time at Hootsuite was packed with learning, growing, and fun.

I had the fortune of working on both front- and back-end features. I learned React, and improved my Scala proficiency, and I was constantly encouraged to venture outside my comfort zone and learn new things. Through this, I grew as a software dev by gaining a more holistic view of the entire tech stack, as well as learning more about testing, continuous integration / continuous deployment, and logging usage metrics. I was also able to hone my presentation skills by presenting technical demos in front of my team, and even the entire development team.

By working closely with the team every day, I also learned about development processes and practices that can empower teams, as well as those that can slow teams down. By making mistakes, I saw a culture that embraces learning from mistakes, and learned that post-mortems can be blameless.

I also learned how valuable a cohesive culture is for an organization, and saw how much a culture focused on wellness can contribute to productivity and preventing burnout. Thanks to this culture, Hootsuite is full of energetic, talented professionals that don’t let their egos get in the way.

If all of this sounds like a great workplace to you, I encourage you to apply to Hootsuite!