Daniel Que


  • Studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo (2016)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (January – April 2015)
  • Joined our Publisher team
  • Worked with Backbone, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP
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My Contributions

  • Fixed tag selector component bugs and extended functionality
  • Implemented new Content Library “multi-asset” functionality
  • Wrote PHP unit tests and CasperJs functional tests
  • Gave a Lightning Talk and wrote a blog post on Rubik’s Cube

My Experience

My experience here at Hootsuite has been a positive one. It has provided me with insight into how a mid-sized company operates, which contrasts with my previous experience at a small startup. This experience has been valuable, and will undoubtedly help me with my career in the future.

Hootsuite is filled with talented engineers that I’ve enjoyed working and socializing with. I’ll miss having such intelligent and knowledgeable people around to chat with about an array of nerdy subjects. I’ve improved on some valuable skills, including gaining more in-depth knowledge of git, a great deal of vim script, and writing clearer and more maintainable code.

Moving to Vancouver for the duration of this internship was delightful. I never cared much for travel before, but my stay here has ignited a spark of hunger for it. I was also lucky to avoid the cold Ontario Winter, while being immersed in arguably the most beautiful part of Canada.

It’s been an eventful term, filled with memories that I’ll never forget.