Daniel Tsang


  • Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2018)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (January – August 2016)
  • Joined our Publisher
  • Worked with React, PHP. jQuery, Jasmine
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My Contributions

  • Improved Hootsuite’s browser extension, Hootlet to have a responsive design to the new video uploader
  • Implemented publishing videos to Youtube with a facade service to bypass PHP code
  • Implemented error handling and display for video publishing with React to give seamless UX for users
  • Currently designing and implementing a brand new bulk uploader experience
  • Wrote a blog post on Resizing React Components

My Experience

Hootsuite has always been my top choice for a co-op work placement because its cultural and technology reputation is among the highest in Vancouver. After failing to even get an interview with Hootsuite (and many other companies) during my very first work term, I was offered a position in my second attempt. Being halfway through my stay at Hootsuite, I’d encourage everyone to apply to explore the great culture and evolving technology.

What have I gained so far? I’m in 26th place on the foosball leaderboard. I went from 6 pull ups to 12 pull ups. I haven’t gained anything in table tennis, and I’m still really bad. But in all seriousness, being on the Publisher Web team has allowed me to work with React and rigorous testing standards. React’s big emphasis on modularity has improved my coding skills significantly because it made me think before plastering my commits with “if” statements. Hootsuite’s large automated testing base has also led to me value good testing. All in all, I’ve learned a lot and I can’t wait to learn more in my upcoming projects.