Daria Sova

  • Computer Science student at the University of Victoria (2018)
  • Worked  as a Software Developer on Datalab team for 8 month
  • Mainly worked with Scala, Python, SQL and databases
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My Contributions

  • Contributed to ETLs and services that manage data between our MySQL database and Redshift cluster
  • Worked on a few project including sales lead enrichment service that enriches data about our customer using third party APIs, and new Machine Learning project

My Experience at Hootsuite

Datalab is an internal analytics team that powers data-driven decisions at Hootsuite. We build internal tools, data pipelines, and data warehouses for other teams and analysts around the company. I learnt so much here! From functional programming and Scala to Machine Learning and data analytics. The best part is that you never feel that you’re a coop (except when you go to coop events : D ), you feel like a full-time employee who’s opinions are valued and contribution is appreciated. I was able to push to production, work on really cool projects, do code reviews, and learn new technologies! Moreover, I loved Hootsuite’s culture, you have so many opportunities here to talk to people from other teams, learn about what they do, participate in hackathons, and chill on the rooftop after work! 🙂

My advice to future Co-ops would be do 8 months co-op if you can!

println("Hootsuite is Cool!")