Denis Trailin



My Contributions

  • Worked on adding approval messages to publisher streams
  • Added a system to encourage users to provide feedback
  • Worked on building the new message sending architecture for Android
  • Contributed to adding advanced Instagram search streams for Android
  • Wrote a blog post on Unit testing with RxAndroid and RxJava and another one on Writing Kotlin Idiomatic Code

My Experience

As the first company I’ve co-oped at Hootsuite has provided me with a memorable and education experience. From my amazing co-workers the the friendly culture Hootsuite does a lot to make you feel comfortable even if this your first time working at large company. At the very outset I was building new features like Instagram search alongside my co-workers as full member of the team. It was amazing to see features I worked on being released to users just weeks later and see the impact my work had on the business.

Working on the Android team was an amazing technical experience. It was interesting to learn about new libraries like Dagger and RxJava and use them in my code. Additionally, seeing the process the Android team had for evaluating and introducing Kotlin is something the will serve in the future as Kotlin grows in popularity among Android developers.