Devin Corrigall

Devin Corrigall

My Contributions

  • Added a server override feature to allow developers and Alpha users to toggle server-based settings
  • Created a version killswitch to allow old unsupported app versions to be discontinued
  • Built an Image Viewer to create a better user experience when viewing and sharing images
  • Refactored old Async Tasks to now use RxJava for better control and maintainability
  • Published a blog post on Asynchronous Android Programming

My Experience

Hootsuite has been an amazing company to spend a co-op work term with! It gave me the opportunity to learn more about Android development and discover cutting-edge technologies such as Dagger and RxJava, all while having a fun time every day at work.

I was able to dive right into real code my first week, and develop a feature to override server based settings on developer and alpha versions of the app. Keeping with the “working out loud” company value, I had the exciting opportunity to demo the functionality I created to the developers of Hootsuite during the All Hands meeting the following week. Since, I have been able to continue working on exciting and challenging tasks on the Android team, and learn much more than I ever expected.

A friendly and upbeat culture is present throughout the offices, with exciting events and many positive individuals. A co-op work term at Hootsuite is a great way to learn about so many different aspects of software development, be challenged, and have fun!