Dylan Kirkby


  • Studying Computer Engineering at UBC
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (September 2015 – April 2016)
  • Joined the Campaigns team, which was later merged with Publisher
  • Worked with Javascript (React, jQuery, Jasmine, Webpack), PHP (Laravel, Zend)
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My Contributions

  • Helped polish, launch, and support the new Freemium version of Campaigns
  • Performed post-launch polishing, fixing bugs and adding features for Freemium Campaigns, and helped increase the test coverage of Campaigns’ front-end code
  • Built and launched YouTube publishing for Hootsuite

My Experience

At Hootsuite, I got to participate in my first ever product launch, as we pushed Hootsuite Campaigns Freemium out to the world after months of hard work polishing and finalizing it. The entire process was a tremendous learning experience for me, experiencing the crunch of getting something out the door, seeing first hand the design and prioritization that goes into creating a product that is ready to launch, and finally supporting it and seeing our users’ reactions to the result of so much of our hard work.

During the second term of my stay at Hootsuite, my team was merged with the Publisher team to work on the addition of YouTube support for Hootsuite, and we were in charge of everything related to YouTube publishing, short of the services work required to support it. We created an entirely new UI flow to upload YouTube videos, and a variety of enhancements to the calendar view, compose box, and more. We launched YouTube on my second last week, which has me leaving Hootsuite with 2 product launches that I contributed significantly to under my belt!

My interactions with everybody at Hootsuite have been nothing but positive – I’ve interacted with an incredible array of smart, talented, and kind people, and it was an absolute pleasure to work here. I also received professional training, paid for by Hootsuite, in React during my time here – I’m incredibly grateful for my time at Hootsuite and the care that the company and people took to make my time here fun and rewarding. I would highly recommend co-oping at Hootsuite.