Emily Chen

Emily Chen

My Contributions

  • Built dashboards to visualize product data and business intelligence key metrics using Dashing framework and Ruby
  • Adjusted existing spark jobs and logging infrastructure to include more insights in messages sent across platform
  • Built front end of organization activity admin panel for account managers to evaluate account health based on post volume and organization member activity

My Experience

At Grace Hopper Conference in 2013, I heard many firms from the industry stress about the amount of data that is generated each second and the obstacles they were facing in managing the data they had on hand. Knowing very little about data at that time, since I have only taken one relational database course, the experience still planted a seed in my mind about big data.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to work in a Data Science Co-op position at Hootsuite. I was given a lot of freedom and support on the jobs I took on. The exposure to data storage, analysis and visualization tools was enormous. Just one year ago at the conference, it was the first time I heard about Hadoop as a popular framework for managing large and unstructured data. By the time I started at Hootsuite, the heavy queries already started to exceed Hadoop’s capacity. As the company and its user base grew, the amount of data grew as well. However, the desired visibility of data never dropped. The never-settle-for-less spirit drove the team to explore into faster and more reliable alternatives immediately.

Here at Hootsuite, the dedicated IT and operations engineers ensure that day-to-day work flows smoothly. The series of onboarding processes gives new hires a glimpse of how a rapid growing company operates. The lightning talk session is a great way to share knowledge and encourage personal growth outside of work. I have really enjoyed my time with the Data Lab team, and I will definitely recommend Hootsuite as an amazing place to work!