Flavius-Costin Tirnacop

Flavius Tirnacop

My Contributions

  • Integrated ESLint into the Analytics UI repository and fixed over 550 styling errors detected by the linter.
  • Developed a script that uses ASTs to generate an overview diagram of the React application structure.
  • Integrated the diagram generating script into our github PR workflow. The script diffs the head of the source PR branch with the target branch and generates a diagram that showcases changes.
  • Published a blog post about Static Analysis using ASTs.

My Experience

I met my team before the co-op position, when I applied for a bachelor research project that the engineers from the Bucharest office presented at my university. After I was accepted, I then worked with Andrei Picus (@NiGhTTraX) as my technical mentor and managed to pull out an amazing bachelor thesis.

Because I had an awesome collaboration with Hootsuite for my thesis project, I also applied for a summer co-op position, got interviewed and started to work in the same front-end Analytics team. Everyone was very open and happy to answer questions starting from day one. Having a mentor assigned to invest time into guiding me helped me learn so many things in such little time. Also being able to push changes into production code made me feel valued and equal to my other colleagues.

Hootsuite culture is amazing and I love that most people are very young and talented. Also not having to work in the usual formal corporate office is something I would not leave for anything else. I would recommend Hootsuite to anyone who wants to learn a lot and have fun at the same time.