Jackie Ng

Jackie Ng

  • Studying Electrical Engineering at the University of British Columbia
  • Spent 16 months at Hootsuite (May 2015 – September 2016) (our longest co-op term to date!)
  • Joined our Operations Engineering team
  • Worked with AWS, Ansible, Graphite, Statsd, Consul, Terraform, Sensu, and Logstash
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My Contributions

  • Helped roll out a Jenkins provisioning tool to our engineering teams
  • Managed Hootsuite servers on AWS
  • Modified production infrastructure
  • Set up Graphite infrastructure

My Experience

The most fantastic thing about Hootsuite is that it provides a wonderful environment to grow and work in. The people are energetic, young, talented, and very supportive whenever assistance is needed. If there is a problem, all you need to do is ask and you’ll most likely to get an answer more detailed than you expected. There are also a lot of clubs and activities to socialize, learn, and bond with your colleges.

As a co-op, I was surprised at the complex onboarding program Hootsuite provides. It was very helpful the know how the company operates and the importance of my role. Working in the ops team is never boring: there is no shortage of interesting work. There are always opportunity to work on challenging projects that affected the product directly. Managers and mentors also showed trust in my ability to learn and complete projects on time. It is also very fascinating to witness a company growing rapidly and be a part of it during this extraordinary time.