Jacob Brunette

  • Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2019)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (January – August 2017)
  • Joined the Platform team and collaborated with the Publisher and Design teams (and more!)
  • Programmed in Scala, React, Javascript, and PHP; used Jenkins and Docker
  • Worked with Nikita Gazarov, Laurence Man, Jody Chambers, Michal Ralek, Sim Brar, Cheryl Li and the broader Platform team
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn

My Contributions

  • Key contributor to the complete overhaul of the App Directory on the Hootsuite Dashboard
  • Implemented a number of endpoints and other features for the Compliance API
  • Found and fixed lots of bugs throughout Hootsuite apps
  • Honed my ping-pong skills through daily practice

My Experience

As a new CS student coming into my first co-op at a large company, I expected Hootsuite to be full of self-important Silicon Valley-types patting themselves on the back for “creating a new world through the power of social media” or some other piece of nonsense. While there is a little bit of self-congratulation, what surprised me is that it’s actually well deserved. Instead of a bunch of obnoxious tech-bros, I found a group of incredibly fun and welcoming people, and the best working environment I’ve ever experienced.

Hootsuite’s company culture places an emphasis on personal growth and teamwide support. Everybody here wants everybody else to succeed, and puts in the effort needed to make that happen. I’ve experienced constant support and encouragement from my first day with the company and helped offer the same to other new employees. I’ve learned a ton in my time here (way more than I did at school), and I’d highly recommend Hootsuite to any prospective co-ops.