Jacob Willemsma


  • Studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo (2017)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (September – December 2015)
  • Joined our Platform team
  • Worked with Scala and Node.js
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My Contributions

  • Built a React front end for a Google Drive Viewer app to integrate with the new Content SDK
  • Helped build out Hootsuite’s first ever API offering
  • Ran events for Co-ops outside of work including climbing the Grouse Grind and the Squamish Chief
  • Published a blog post about his first week of onboarding

My Experience

From day one, I felt like a member of my team. We got along, liked similar things, and we’re all passionate about technology and the difference it can make in people’s lives.

Throughout my term I was thrown into a few really interesting projects head first. This forced me to quickly learn and contribute – my team knew this was the kick I needed to have a great term. Although I had a great team, I was also close with all the other coops during my 4 month stay. We ate nearly all of our lunches together, and on weekends went on many a trip and visited many an attraction.

The culture is the first thing I noticed at Hootsuite – amazing people working hard to build amazing software – and it’s also going to be the first thing I miss!