Jieun Lee

  • Studying Computer Science and Math at the University of British Columbia (2020)
  • Eight Months at Hootsuite (May 2017 – December 2017)
  • Part of the WebDev Team
  • Worked with Jeff Waterfall, Trenton Colley, Eric Painchaud, Jeremy Kasala, and Evan Louie
  • Used Twig, HTML, JavaScript, SASS, Craft, and PHP
  • Find me on LinkedIn

My Contributions

  • Create components and templates used by editors to make the Hootsuite website
  • Improve existing components and pages by implementing new designs, adding functionality, and making everything more responsive
  • Make other small tweaks to the website based on editors’ requests
  • Design and create the front-end UI for the Hootbot Content Manager, which started off as a Hackathon project
  • Wrote a blog post: Simplifying Layouts with Flexbox

My Experience

When I told people that I was going to be doing my co-op term at Hootsuite, I was often told that the office was really nice, but that was about it – I didn’t know much about the company or the culture before coming and experiencing everything myself. I do agree that the office is pretty nice, but that was barely part of the reason why I enjoyed my time at Hootsuite. It was the work I did and the people I met that truly made my work term fun, valuable, and unique. I was able to become a better developer by actively participating in sprints to complete tickets, working closely with my teammates, trying out new languages and frameworks, and getting the chance to boost my skills in areas I already had experience in. I gained more confidence when writing code and became less scared of asking questions or making mistakes, knowing my smart co-workers were always supportive and willing to help. It was also really exciting going to hootsuite.com and seeing my work in action; I’m proud of what I did and enjoyed the whole process of getting my code out to the world.

Of course, it wasn’t just the developer life that I enjoyed – the culture and the people that made it so great undoubtedly contributed to making my time here so memorable. I liked the people I worked with on my team, my fellow co-ops, the other owls I had the pleasure of meeting, and the dogs at the office that helped me to (partially) overcome my fear of dogs. Going to get ice cream almost every week in summer made things even better. If you’re hesitant about coming to Hootsuite, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, because I’m sure I would have regretted it if I hadn’t.