John Lim

  • Studying Computer Science and Math (Bsc) at the University of British Columbia (2017)
  • Spending 8 months at Hootsuite (Sep. 2016 – Apr. 2017)
  • Joined our Publisher team
  • Worked with React, LESS, PHP
  • Worked with Adrian De Lisle, Brandon Okert, Laurenzo Storelli, Diego Alvarez, Harsh Dawar, Noel Heaney, David Chan.

My contributions

  • Helped to create New Composer, an entirely new feature in the Hootsuite interface.
  • Helped refine Hootsuite Campaigns to deliver our customer value.
  • Published a blog post about analyzing the benefits of Babel’s precompilation.

My experience

My 8 month experience at Hootsuite with Publisher team is a memory that I would never forget. They gave me the resources and opportunity to become a better software developer. Looking back, I can’t emphasize enough of how much I have progressed.

I am surprised by how much knowledge in each member has in their own fields and how humble they are when confronting anyone who’s in struggle for help. If I’ve made a list of things that I am proud of, coming to Hootsuite would be one of the top items.