Jon Jeffery

Jon Jeffery

My Contributions

  • Fixing critical user issues
  • Increased currency detection accuracy from 40% to 80%
  • Designed a CSV parser for bulk enterprise client creation
  • Refactored and streamlined sections of the Hootsuite Analytics tool
  • Improved the efficiency of several API calls

My Experience

Hootsuite is one of those names that just kept coming up everywhere I went. I heard it at my previous co-op, in the news, and throughout Vancouver. The one thing that came up with every mention of Hootsuite was the passion that everyone there shares. Passion for pushing the boundaries, sharing knowledge, and developing great products.

My personal experience with Hootsuite started when I met some Owls at a job fair. Right away, I knew that Hootsuite was the place for me. I left a resume, was interviewed, and was lucky enough to land myself a co-op position.

I felt welcome from the start. Hootsuite has a great onboarding program which got me up to speed right away. The first two weeks are spent pair-programming with an established developer, which is an invaluable experience. From then I spent my time working to solve customer issues in the code. Within weeks, I was given the chance to work on critical problems for important clients. I felt that my work was valued and that I was making an impact, even from the start.

The four months I have spent at Hootsuite have been filled with excitement, learning, and a bunch of excellent people. I highly recommend that everyone apply for Hootsuite. You will receive an unparalleled educational experience, and have a lot of fun in the process.