Jordan Roth

  • Studied computer science and biology at the University of British Columbia
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (January – August 2017)
  • Worked with the Enterprise Collaboration team developing features for enterprise clients
  • Wrote code in Scala, PHP, and Javascript
  • Worked with Ken Ho, Fabien Warniez and Kerri Bremner
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My Contributions

  • Helped design and deliver content library asset expiration to all enterprise clients
  • Worked closely with security and ops to patch a major vulnerability
  • Hunted bloated dashboard code to move into microservices

My Experience

Daily life as a developer at Hootsuite revolves mostly around one central tenet: trust. At Hootsuite, my manager and my team trust me to get my work done, the company trusts me to write mission critical code (all scheduled messages run through code that I wrote!), and everyone trusts everyone else to be doing their best at all times. There’s no micromanagement and no one breathing down my neck. Feeling trusted, and trusting my colleagues has encouraged me to take risks, and has made me more comfortable with the thought of failing. Developers here are encouraged to work out loud and talk about their failures as they happen, so that everyone can benefit. Failing at something is the shortcut to being better, because people here are invested in each-others’ success. The presence of first-rate developers working to make me better has helped me to progress professionally much faster than I was expecting.

From a technical standpoint, co-ops at Hootsuite are essentially indistinguishable from junior developers in terms of their daily work. The most surprising thing for me is how involved I’ve been able to be in the design process. I’ve helped to design security implementations, microservices, complicated multi-system features, and tons more. For me, Hootsuite has been an environment where I get out exactly as much as I put in. If I want to be involved in something, then I will be. If you’re a person who doesn’t need external motivation, and strives to prop their team up, then you belong here, and you should work here.