Jordan Siaw

  • Computing Science major at Simon Fraser University (SFU)
  • Spent 6 months at Hootsuite (Sep 2017 – Feb 2018)
  • Joined the Product Operations and Delivery team as an Operations Developer Co-op
  • Worked with Kubernetes, Mesos, AWS, Vault, Terraform
  • Worked with Nafisa Shazia, Arthur Mencke, @lkysow, @markeijsermans, James Atwill, @mohitg_
  • Find me on Twitter, Github, Instagram or LinkedIn

My contributions

  • Helped migrate services from our Mesos cluster to our Kubernetes cluster
  • Wrote a blog post about how our service mesh eased that migration
  • Contributed to creating a Vizceral proof of concept dashboard for our microservices during HootHack November 2017
  • Helped enable our Kubernetes cluster autoscaler and implement monitoring and notifications around it

My experience

I didn’t know much about Hootsuite before I joined. They were that company that built some sort of dashboard and had something to do with social media. I think some people were hyping them up for being based in Vancouver?

Fast forward to the end of my term and I’m incredibly grateful to have worked here. I’ve had the chance to work on stuff that I’ve only read about before: microservices, container schedulers, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and deployment, service meshes and secrets management.

Hootsuite is a large company, but the degree of collaboration and openness makes it feel like a startup. I was blown away by the fact that we get to play with pretty cutting edge tech and solve problems at scale. I loved that we had an open office and that it was close to transit and restaurants. Plus, dogs everywhere! Most of all, the people and culture here have been amazing. I’ll definitely look back on my time here as pivotal for me not just as a developer but also as a person. Thank you to everyone who made my work term here a memorable one!