Joy Zhang

  • Majoring in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2019)
  • Software Developer Co-op in Strategic Integrations team under LinkedIn (September – December 2017)
  • Worked with Scala, Protobuf, gRPC, Swagger, LinkedIn RESTful API, ReactJS, Jenkins CI, Sumologic, GitHub Enterprise, Postman
  • Worked with Gabriel Sangula, Sam Reh, Mike White, David Andrews, Paul Cowles, Hai Hoang, Harry Huang
  • Connect with me on LinkedInGithubTwitterMedium and Devpost

My Contributions

  • Contributed to a major LinkedIn migration from V1 to V2 through implementing code, unit tests, and integration tests.
  • Supported and collaborated with other teams (Engage/Amplify/Mobile) to ensure successful LinkedIn V2 migration.
  • Spearheaded a solo hackathon project that parses swagger documentation to generate REST endpoint, and presented a working demo in front of Hootsuite developers globally
  • Led and organized stand ups and biweekly retrospectives as scrum master
  • Mentored and acted as a technical lead to a high school co-op by offering guidance and support, answering questions and reviewing and approving their code.
  • Wrote a blog post on How to Use Protobuf to Generate SDK at Hootsuite
  • MC for Wednesday Product Demos
  • Presented a Lightning Talk on How to Draw Manga in 5 Minutes

My Experience

At Hootsuite I was given challenging learning opportunities that allowed me to grow as a developer. For the majority of my co-op term I worked on the LinkedIn V2 migration that involved programming in Scala and working with a legacy codebase. At the beginning of my work term I did not know Scala. By the end I wrote over 1000 lines of Scala code and developed industry standard coding practices that involves writing unit tests and integration tests, opening and commenting on pull requests, as well as making continuous deployment. I also took on full ownership of my code by supporting and collaborating with other teams who used the code I wrote.

Working at Hootsuite not only strengthened my coding abilities but also developed my leadership skills through being a scrum master and a mentor. As a scrum master I held daily stand ups and led biweekly retrospectives. As a mentor and technical lead for a high school co-op, I offered them guidance and support as well as reviewed their code and answered their questions.

Reflecting back, my most memorable experiences at Hootsuite was whenever I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Whether it be MCing for the Wednesday demo in front of all the developers, sharing my interests through a lightning talk on how to draw, or challenging myself to write a blog post on a topic I was uncomfortable with. Those experiences, along with all the friendly owls who welcomed, mentored, supported and inspired me, truly shaped my Hootsuite adventure to be an amazing one.