Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim

  • Studying Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia (2016)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (May – August 2015)
  • Joined our Publisher team
  • Worked with Scala, Akka, and Play
  • Worked with @yanik_berube, @RascherMichael, and @paktiksoo
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My Contributions

  • Helped to develop many parts of our authoring service, with Scala and the Play Framework
  • Completely rewrote and refactored the validation logic for our webfeed service so that any feed that validates successfully will definitely be postable
  • Replaced the image processing code in the content library for up to a 500% decrease in image processing time
  • Updated parts of our communication service so that it can search for profiles in various social networks
  • Published an Introduction to Futures in Scala

My Experience

Before working at Hootsuite, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. Would the people be nice? Would I learn a lot? Would the technology be interesting? Luckily, Hootsuite blew all my expectations away. These past four months have been amazing. I’ve met a group of people that aren’t only my coworkers, but are also my friends.

On Hootsuite job postings, you often see an emphasis on hiring “passionate and egoless people who are interested in building something bigger than themselves.” In my experience, this has turned out to be completely true. I couldn’t ask for smarter and more humble coworkers, everyone is extremely knowledgeable, but always willing to mentor and provide me advice. Because of the amazing support I’ve been receiving over the past four months, I feel like I’ve really grown a lot as a software engineer. Working at Hootsuite has been an awesome experience, and made my summer all the more enjoyable.