Kirbee Parsons

My Contributions

  • Developed numerous component templates and styles for new Craft CMS
  • Helped to migrate scripts, pages and content from eZPublish stack to Craft stack
  • Helped to give the Hootsuite Code Blog (this!) a much-needed facelift
  • Wrote a blog post on CSS Preprocessors for Beginners
  • Hackathon: Worked on refreshing the UI of a web app that helps Owls meet other Owls through coffee #randomcoffee
  • Drank as much coffee as the rest of the office combined (probably)

My Experience

Despite being a first-time co-op student, I have worked many a job before coming to Hootsuite (and have another unrelated degree – Biology!). For the first time, going to work isn’t a chore. I love the work I do, the people I work with, and the community at Hootsuite. Despite the fact I have been dabbling in web development for about 15 years (yes, I was an adorable 12 year old ‘web dev’), I learned more in the first month of working with my impossibly-talented co-workers than I did in 15 years of stumbling through the vast world of web development all on my lonesome. Hootsuite’s culture of learning through sharing was exactly what I needed to step up my game.

The best thing about working at Hootsuite is that you are a ‘real’ developer – you don’t get a side project of negligible value to the company, you’re not going to spend weeks stuck on the same thing, and you don’t eat your lunch alone (unless you want to!). Through working on real tickets assigned directly to you, daily team stand ups, taking part in sprint planning, and going out to lunch every day with your team because none of you can ever be bothered to make your own lunch, within a month I felt like I was actually a part of the team. Though I do love to learn and attend school, it will definitely be a struggle to leave all the amazing people (and dogs) at Hootsuite.