Marius Cotofana

Marius Cotofana

My Contributions

  • Developed a backup and restore mechanism for a MongoDB sharded cluster
  • Improving existing scripts by further automating the creation of volume snapshots, making them less prone to errors while also having an easy way to recover broken AWS instances or recreate an existing cluster configuration
  • Created many other general purpose scripts to make life easier for the developers

My Experience

I had a classmate that would always talk about this new job he got as a developer, and how fun and challenging his work was, at a small startup, that was soon to getting bigger. I did some research of my own, found out more about the company, I applied, and hoped for the best.

At that time, I was oscillating between following a developer career, which was a more popular option between my colleagues, and an operations job, that I believed it was a better fit for me. But Hootsuite offered me the chance to combine both of my passions: system administration and software development. This, together with the kindness and dedication of the people that stood around me, transformed my first real job into the best job I could ever had. This is also the reason why I decided to continue my work here, while attending school.

Working in the Ops team has never felt like work for me. Combining code writing with the unexpected silly jokes is part of the routine, so getting tired, bored or being in a bad mood in not an option around here. Yet, when the situation requires it, we treat things seriously and thoroughly. People respect work, but most importantly, they respect each other.

This is not just a job that I have acquired, it’s a family.