Mathew Teoh


My Contributions

  • Created dashboards that track key business intelligence metrics
  • Contributed to Hootsuite’s Python data pipeline
  • Wrote a blog post about how Hootsuite help him understand his interests

My Experience

Joining one of Canada’s fastest growing startups has been an exciting experience. Having worked for a large software corporation in the past, I wondered what it would be like to work a smaller company. I was always fascinated by working with teams that support innovation, and Hootsuite gave me that opportunity.

At Hootsuite, I found the chance to explore areas of work that I was passionate about. I extracted data from our many sources and combined them to create dashboards which other  product managers would use to make important decisions. I also had the chance to fix and contribute to our data pipeline.

Employees at Hootsuite are passionate about the work they do. They place a lot of trust in their co-ops, since I was able to push things to production within the first two weeks. Combine that with teammates who are always willing to help me out, and we have an co-op experience that I am thankful to have.