Michael Wagler

Michael Wagler

  • Enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science second degree program at The University of British Columbia ¬†(2017)
  • Spent 4 months working at Hootsuite (May – August 2016)
  • Worked on the Tools team
  • Worked with PHP, Scala, and React.js
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My Contributions

  • Created a new tool in the hootsuite admin interface that automates the process of upgrading Hootsuite users to Enterprise, and downgrading them to free accounts
  • Implemented new service endpoints for the new Tag Service, and worked extensively on implementing its frontend user interface in React.js
  • Helped migrate to the new Tag Service, ensuring that the data remained in sync by writing various switches to safely toggle the flow from the old system to the new
  • Updated the App Directory Developers data model to include more fine-grained developer statuses, and added new automated email responses, providing prospective app developers with better feedback on the progress of their application
  • Wrote a blog post on our Dashboard Tagging Service

My Experience

I went back to study Computer Science after having worked as a jazz musician for a number of years, and along the way discovering that I had a passion for programming. After 2 years in the program and finishing my first co-op at another company, I applied to Hootsuite, having heard many great things from other co-ops about its culture, its level of growth, and the learning opportunities that it provided. To be honest, I was skeptical that working here could live up to the hype, and I arrived on my first day with moderated expectations.

I can happily say that my skepticism was unfounded. From the very first hour I could tell that Hootsuite was a company that prioritized learning and sharing of knowledge, and I was highly impressed with the level and extent of training that was provided. I also immediately loved how seriously they took the Agile software development process, and found the continuous delivery paradigm to be very rewarding. On the Tools team I worked on a wide variety of customer-facing and internal-facing tools, and in the process learned Scala, React.js, lots more PHP, and about how to safely convert monolithic legacy code to a service-oriented architecture.