Anubhav Mishra

Anubhav Mishra

My Contributions

  • Built a new session storage system for Hootsuite’s main dashboard application using Redis
  • Built a System Health and Status Page to monitor all Hootsuite’s infrastructure
  • Eliminated Single Points of Failure Team in our systems as part of our SPOF team
  • Maintained internal applications such as JIRA, Confluence and Fisheye
  • Built and maintained production infrastructure using ansible and other automation tools
  • Wrote a blog post about his work with Packer, ServerSpec, and Jenkins.

My Experience

Being an entrepreneur myself, I have always looked up to companies like Hootsuite and have always heard really good things about them from my colleagues working in various tech companies. So, as soon as the opportunity came I took it!

Working for the Ops Team at Hootsuite I get to work on methods to maintain Hootsuite’s infrastructure. It’s the biggest responsibility I have had over the years working for various tech companies. It has taught me how to think bigger and foresee problems.

I think what makes Hootsuite awesome are the people here. They are amazing, talented, and really friendly. It’s a fun environment to work in and everyone has trust in each other to do the right thing. These are few things that other companies lack.

Hootsuite is perfect for someone who wants to have an impact on something substantial in today’s software industry and wants to learn how to tackle challenging problems and work with some of the most talented people in the tech community today.