Mohit Gupta


  • Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo (2016)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (September – December 2015)
  • Joined our Platform team
  • Worked with Mesos, Docker, Marathon, Jenkins, and other distributed systems technologies
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My Contributions

  • Worked on the Platform team to develop tools and infrastructure for continuous delivery systems with focus on high availability, throughput, and code coverage
  • Did proof-of-concept work focusing on the containerization of applications with Docker and Ansible
  • Integrated Docker into main CI pipeline and helped with other optimizations to reduce in build time by over 40% during the term
  • Utilized distributed systems concepts to investigate the use of Marathon and Aurora as a scheduler for Mesos
  • Assisted with the configuration of staging and production Mesosphere compute clusters for running containerized Scala services in Docker
  • Published a High Level Comparison between Aurora and Marathon

My Experience

I joined the Build-and-Deploy sub team within the Platform team at Hootsuite for my sixth co-op term. As a co-op veteran, I have never experienced a more seamless onboarding process. It gave me a great understanding of the daily operations of Hootsuite as a whole, not only the engineering team. Everyone seems very passionate about what they do and they spend a lot of time trying to spread their knowledge to as many people as possible.

I spent a great amount of time working under Mark Eijsermans directly. There were two main tasks that we worked on during my term:

  • Improving build times of the main Hootsuite product
  • Building out the infrastructure to support easy deployments of containerized applications
What I really enjoyed about this term was that many of the bleeding-edge distributed systems concepts learned over my senior year immediately applied to the work I was doing. I was able to further my understanding of these topics greatly through everyday real-life use.

Outside of work, I got to marvel in the beauty of Vancouver and the West Coast. There is lots of nature (and great beer!) to experience here, and I will most definitely be coming back to this city in the near future.