Monica-Maria Baluna

  • Studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
  • Spent 3 months at Hootsuite (July – September)
  • Joined the Measure Backend team
  • Worked with Python, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC, Consul and MongoDB
  • Worked with Mihai Tiriplica, Radu Vasiliu, Paul Sapunaru, Bogdan Ciobanu and Alexandru Achiritoaei
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My Contributions

  • Implemented a health check system for gRPC services running in Kubernetes
  • Modified the alert-generating and auto-scaling modules to use dynamically updated parameters stored in Consul as values that define “normal behavior” for elements in the infrastructure
  • Designed and implemented a mechanism for easily plotting in Graphite the calls to MongoDB from our Go codebase
My Experience

I’ve heard about Hootsuite’s Bucharest Office from some former interns at my university. As they described their experience with enthusiasm, I decided to apply too. After a really cool interview, I got accepted and joined the backend team at the beginning of the summer.

In my time here, I improved my technical skills and learned about a lot of new technologies. But most importantly, I had the occasion to work in a team with passionate people. My mentors and people from many other teams were more than supportive and patient.

I was pleased to find that Hootsuite Life does not end with the working hours: foosball, basketball, weekly pancakes and an AMAZING team building trip are just a few examples of what made my experience unforgettable.

11/10 would recommend